I do lots of things

You can read me at HotAir.com, a conservative, libertarian-leaning political news site that will not bore the crap out of you. Give it a try!

I’m a Fox News Contributor who appears every Monday on “The O’Reilly Factor” and a couple times a week on “America’s Newsroom,” among other shows.

I tweet @mkhammer, and you can find me on Facebook, here.

Occasionally, I take a break from politics to do silly Internet video, like this:

I love college football (UGA) and college basketball (Duke, go ahead and hate, haters), and married into Detroit Lions fandom, which I have taken up with vigor because what better team’s bandwagon to jump on? I used to cover NASCAR,  football, and could keep a hell of a little-league baseball scorebook in the days before my political commentary.

I’m on the board of directors of the Travis Manion Foundation, a non-profit named for a Marine killed in action in Iraq in 2007. We support veterans and families of the fallen, and do character education for young people in an effort to connect the rest of America with those who serve and create more Travises for the next generation. His lifetime motto was “If not me than who?” Become part of the movement at our 9/11 Heroes Runs this year. Join a 5K near you and I promise you’ll be inspired!

I climbed Kilimanjaro on my honeymoon, puking my way to the top through a vicious case of altitude sickness. It was super-romantic. I live in the D.C. area with my husband and one cat, who comes when you call her like a tiny, low-maintenance dog, and we’re expecting our first child in August. Presumably, he or she will be more high-maintenance than the cat and involve as much puking as Kilimanjaro. Check here or my Twitter account for other fun projects in the future!

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