New things!

Don't look down, guys.

If you’re a regular listener, you may have noticed I wasn’t on the radio this morning on 105.9 FM WMAL, where I’m wont to be from 5-9 a.m. Alas, I won’t be there anymore, which means I didn’t have to get up at 3 a.m. today (Yay!), but also that I will miss the WMAL crew and my buddies Bryan and Brian who will carry on the morning show without me. Thank you, one and all, for listening, and I hope you’ll continue to! It was a blast and a learning experience, and I was thankful for our smart listeners and callers every step of the way.

It has been a pleasure to work with Bryan Nehman and Brian Wilson—two consummate broadcast professionals who generously taught this n00b as much as they could. And, though I’m new to radio, it’d be hard to imagine a producer more capable than our Executive Producer Heather Smith, who I remain convinced does not require sleep (in an industrious way, not a vampire way).

The folks at the company had a vision for a different, independent role for me at the station, but we just weren’t able to come to an agreement that would make it work, so I’m off to do my other jobs. I’m constantly thankful I have the freedom to make decisions like that, and realize it’s a tremendous blessing to have such options.

I’ll be on The O’Reilly Factor tonight, as usual, and Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld late-night, Happening Now on Wednesday and America’s Newsroom on Thursday, so stay tuned!

As always, I’ll be spending entirely too much time on Twitter and Facebook, so join me! Also, I’ll be writing here sometimes. People keep asking me where they can find all my stuff, so this’ll be it. Thanks a million for listening, watching, and reading!


  1. Sad way to start the week.

  2. John Crockett says:

    I’ll miss you on WMAL Keep us informed as to your appearances. Good Luck.

  3. Ah, I had wondered where you were. The show’s a mainstay for me on my hellish commute from Frederick, MD to the Pentagon every day, so I’ll miss hearing your perspective. Upward and onward, though.

    • Wow, that’s a bear of a commute. Thanks for listening! We appreciate it, and I know the Bry(i)ans will still be great company in the mornings. Maybe they’ll even invite me on every now and then!

  4. Pete in GA says:

    Woke up in Georgia this morning w/o MKH 😦
    Will miss you on MAL but look forward to your growing presence in new venues.

  5. My mornings will not be right without your voice on my radio. You’re not fully clean till you’re serenaded in your shower by Mary Katherine Ham. I will do my best to find you and read your opinions as I have since before you joined the Brians, but you move a little fast for this old guy. And unless you pop up on my morning radio somewhere else, I will miss you.

    Best of luck, you are going far and fast! CU

  6. Chris Bramante says:

    So disappointed. You were the bright spot of the morning for my husband and me. (And we never got to meet your dad, who I was hoping you’d have in-studio at some point, for haircuts and cursing . . . ) Sheesh, now I’ll have to follow you on Twitter!

    • Ha, my dad will be honored that those are the two skills he’s known for, now. Maybe I’ll get him to do a guest appearance on this site. Hope to stay in touch with you here and on Twitter. Thanks for listening!

      • Golgo Brone says:

        Get him on O’Riley!! Have can cut Bill’s hair, what’s left of it!! He cannot screw it up!

  7. I will miss you in the AM. When you were on with no Brians, I thought you were outstanding and I wondered if something was up. Sorry the other role could not be worked out.

  8. Tim Hill says:

    Sorry to hear you are leaving the radio gig, but glad you have exciting options! You deserve them! Keep up the good work, lady!

  9. Kevin Millet says:

    I’ll miss hearing you on the radio but I know you’re on to bigger and better things. You’re way too pretty for radio anyway! I wish you the very best in whatever you do and I’ll surely keep up with your projects on Twitter and FB. You seem like a person who will always strive to do more and achieve in life and I admire you for that. Good times!

  10. Too bad!!

    But best of luck to you !

    Enjoyed listening!

  11. craig childress @chilidawg78 says:

    Started listening to TMM when WMAL went FM. Thans for your insight. Good stuff! Contnued success in your new ventures!

  12. Golgo Brone says:

    Hate this! The show lost half of it’s brain trust, the other half being Brian Wilson. Nehman is a waste, a typical radio guy, amenable and accomidating to every management whim and path of least resistance with no political IQ!!! I realize you may be buds, but having worked in the radio biz nearly twemty years, I can read between the lines.

    Search for a new morning experience!

  13. Kathleen Sliwiak says:

    WMAL is not the same without you. You were the kid face leaning out the car window on the freeway, waking us all up to the possibility of freedom. Between the “that doesn’t bother me” Bryan and the “Big government when it suits me” Brian, you kept the show facing in the direction of the Constitution. Thanks! The best to you and your future.

    • Golgo Brone says:

      Spot on Katheline! RE: “the kid face leaning out the car window on the freeway”, just smiling to beat the band!!

  14. Cathy Satchell says:

    😦 Will miss listening to you in the am. Even thought this door has been closed, eager to hear about what is behind the next one! 🙂

  15. Richard says:

    We’ll miss you on our commute from Loudon county to DC. You brought a fresh perspective to the show, that made the Brians tolerabe.

  16. I’ll probably still listen to WMAL in the morning, face it, what other choices do I have? Just when I finally think I’m over the Grandy thing, I lose Mary Katharine Hamm.

  17. Dang! Mornings in Austin will be correspondingly less bright. Good luck to ya though and hope you resurface soon.

  18. Aw! I will miss you. You made that show so much better! Good luck. I love it when you are on with Juan… maybe that should be your new show. On with Juan (williams). You guys have a good chemistry and clearly don’t always agree in a good way.

  19. Steve Thomas says:

    I will miss listening to you on the drive in. You brought some class to the joint. The Br(yi)an’s will do a fine job, but it won’t be the same. “Fair winds and following seas” to you as you move forward.

  20. I knew something was in the works when Wilson took time off when Nehman was on vaca…that’s never a good sign. WMAL lost most of it’s brainpower now. You will be hard to replace but they will need to. I was a big Grandy and Andy fan….Brian Wilson, not so much.
    Nehman…meh. Good for you…good luck in your endeavors.

  21. I have been a new MKH fan since you joined WMAL and was so glad that someone of your youth, wisdom, intellect and humor had joined this program. You were a tremendous asset to this show and I’m once again shocked over the decision making at WMAL. Today is a sad day in learning of your departure. Though we have other opportunities to hear and read you, our mornings won’t be the same without you on the radio. Blessings to you as you move forward!

  22. Carla Liberty says:

    Loved listening to you during my morning commute. It is a short commute as a crow flies (Eastern Loudoun to Herndon) but sometimes it could be upwards of an hour depending on traffic. Alas, I still have twitter, and get to see you banter with Juan…. Best of luck Mary Katherine.

  23. Miss you on WMAL, but maybe FOX Talk Radio would work out better for you…and US! We’ll be watchin’ FNC!

  24. I will miss your wit, humor, and insight on the drive from NOVA to DC every am. You are a pro…God speed in all you do!

  25. Aww dangit. I was grumpy as hell when I heard the show name change, and your name was conspicously absent. Best wishes in the future, more conservative women should follow your path. A loyal fan will miss you on WMAL.

  26. I’m done with wmal. You were the bright spot that made it work.

  27. Bummer. That sucks. I look forward to seeing you spar once again with O’Reilly and others on Fox.

  28. The new show on WMAL is not worth listening to without your contributions.

  29. W.P. Wily says:

    Gotta love a girl that know how to spell “n00b” properly 🙂 We’ll miss you 😦

  30. WMAL has made some extremely poor choices in who they take off the air over the years. This is another one of them. Truly disappointed.

  31. I hated getting up at 4 a.m. to start my 5:30 a.m. shift, so I completely hear you on wanting more normal hours! I look forward to seeing more from you on the Interwebs and TV, MKH!

  32. I wasn’t sure how you were getting any sleep, MKH. I’ll keep listening to WMAL in the mornings but your wit will certainly be missed!

  33. Dan Fluharty says:

    Good luck Mary Katharine. You really did make the 5 – 9 slot much better while you were there. Keep up the great work setting the libs straight as a solid conservative voice on the Factor!

  34. Will miss you a lot. Good luck to you!

  35. I just recently started listening to you on wmal. I will miss listening to you every morning. Please tweet if you land somwhere else.

  36. I was out of town for a few days and when I returned you weren’t with the Brians anymore. I loved the three of you together. It was the most entertaining and informative radio show I’ve ever heard. Sorry to see you go from the Morning Majority.

  37. Love u girl

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